Cooperation and knowledge sharing are Dx key values

The idea behind open-source software is to improve the product’s quality and learn from each other, by sharing knowledge and working together.
The sharing of knowledge is one of our most important core values. The Dx was founded with that in mind.

Within the Dx, all our Drupal Experts are connected to each other, facilitating a working environment in which they can spar with each other and share their knowledge. 
As a result, you as a developer will not be left alone, because there is always another Dx-expert who can help you.

Do you have the right Drupal skills and do you want to freelance with Dx?

Then sign up and become a member of our network of Drupal specialists.

We aim to exploit future growth, by finding challenging assignments with the best best Drupal agencies and Drupal teams in the Netherlands.

Sign up as specialist

Email your curriculum vitae to, or call us on +31 (0)20-7165814.

Benefits of our community for you as a Drupal developer

  • Community members are the first to be informed about new projects.
  • Tooling that makes sharing knowledge possible.
  • Tooling to collaborate online.
  • Fair and realistic hourly rate, which matches your knowledge level.
  • Possibility to bring in your own projects.
  • Legal and fiscal collective support for contracts, pensions and administrations.

Dx also has a pool of design and UX specialists that you can engage with at a favorable rate. This way, you can put more focus on your full stack work.


Want to know more about Dx?

Click here for the about-us page with our vision and explanation of core values.

And you can always contact us directly by calling or emailing Niels de Feyter on 06-4439.4450 and