Network of Drupal specialists

Dx was founded in 2016 by three full stack Drupal developers.
We got to know each other well at the Drupal Developer Days and by working together at a web agency in the Netherlands.

Our services are focused on Drupal Agencies and Drupal teams. Our experts are deployed independently at clients.  Often on the basis of a freelance agreement. We are in direct contact with each other via Slack and have a weekly office-day in Amsterdam.

We stand for

Dx specializes in the mediation and placement of senior Drupal software engineers.

Each Dx-expert has his/her own expertise and uses the knowledge and help of all the other experts within the Dx-community.

Our core values

Knowledge sharing: Our most important core values ​​and one of the reasons why Dx was founded. We want to enrich, further develop and share our knowledge with everyone. That is our vision on open source.

Solution-oriented: The quality of the provided solution is of most importance to us. We consider the time and location of the work to be subordinate, as well as by which expert(s) it was carried out.

Connected: By joining forces, you as a Dx-expert never face a challenge on your own. Our Dx community was created to help each other with technical challenges and to team up with people, all with equal expertise.

Fun: We take our job seriously, but keep in informal. We work with passion for our profession, ensuring our motivation to perform well and create new ideas.

Mission statement

Dx believes that both parties can benefit from knowledge-sharing. In our Drupal specialist network, where all Dx people are connected, we help our clients and each other. 

In our Drupal specialist network, where all Dx people are in contact with each other, we help each other and our clients.


Dx has the ambition to become a significant network organization of Drupal Experts. We want specialists to share their knowledge, to be able to help each other with technical challenges, acquisition and the successful execution of projects.

With this network of Drupal specialists we want to connect different groups.

  • Contractors: Drupal freelance experts and other specialists.
  • Clients: Drupal agencies and Drupal teams.


Interested in attending an introductory meeting?

Contact us by phone or e-mail.

Phone: +31 (0) 20-7165814
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Company information

CoC Amsterdam: 67320945

VAT: NL856930416B01

Bank: NL74 TRIO 0338 4595 45